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About Our Company


Asset Protection While Seeking Growth


Sanddollar Wealth Management is an investment and retirement planning firm that aims to help people invest with confidence. We provide comprehensive financial planning through LPL Financial, emphasizing both growth and risk management. We design strategies and manage client investment portfolios with the aim of creating and preserving wealth for our clients.

Our History

Sanddollar Wealth Management represents the evolution of an investment and retirement planning firm founded by Melba Detlefsen and the late Riaan Nel in 2003. Jeff Savage, CFP®, RICP® joined the firm in 2009 and was joined by Caryn Kimble, AIF® in 2016. The firm’s investment philosophy is asset protection while seeking growth as symbolized by the sand dollar within our logo. We provide comprehensive financial and investment planning. The majority of our clients are investing for retirement - either preparing for retirement, or taking income during retirement. The firm has designed and utilizes innovative strategies to help protect our clients' retirement investments, while targeting the growth and income they require. Protecting a retirement nest egg is just as important as growing a nest egg.

The firm is organized on an association model. We have associations with various other companies to provide our clients with truly holistic, comprehensive and global financial and investment advice. Our primary association is with LPL Financial out of San Diego, Boston and Fort Mill, SC. LPL Financial is a Registered Investment Advisor and one of the nation's leading broker-dealers for independent financial advisor practices.

Why We Do It

Exploring your current and future financial situation can feel like confronting an abyss of uncertainty. We want to make you feel comfortable talking about your financial future, so we start by listening. We’re interested in where you’ve been and where you hope to be financially. Moving at your pace and level of understanding, we can start to bring clarity to the various pieces of your personal financial puzzle. Our purpose is to help you make decisions that fit you and your priorities. And as your situation changes – as life happens – we’ll be ready to help you adjust course as needed.

Why is a sand dollar a part of our name and logo?

Found on the Pacific Ocean beaches, the sand dollar is considered the 'wealth' of the ocean.

Our Pacific Ocean was named by the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand  Magellan. During his explorations he considered the Pacific to be calm, peaceful and passive, compared to the sometimes turbulent and stormy Atlantic.

We introduce stability to our clients' investments to help protect  against turbulent and 'stormy' market behavior. Our approach is asset protection while seeking growth.

Our Process, Your Plan, Your Protected FuturE

What Is Your Current Advisor's Investment Theory?

All financial advisors follow a theory about investments and economics when they provide investment advice.  A robust debate has been taking place concerning the usefulness of contemporary investment and economic  approaches.  It is critical that investors know what the prevailing world view of their advisors is.
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All investing involves risk including loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss.

Our Team