Sand Dollar Retirement ProcessSM

Our unique approach starts with comprehensive data gathering regarding a client's overall financial position. We assist clients in formulating their financial goals for retirement. If clients are still in the accumulation phase, we help determine their future savings rate to reach their desired retirement income goal. We calculate retirement income projections, adjusted for inflation based on a client's current or future level of investable assets. This provides us with the basis to discuss with clients a sustainable withdrawal ratio during the retirement income phase. One of the biggest mistakes made is that clients assume too high of a withdrawal ratio (we typically plan for withdrawal ratios between 3.5 and 4 percent). For clients close to retirement, or in the early stages of retirement, we discuss and plan for negative sequence of returns early on. At this stage of the retirement planning process we identify a realistic total return goal for the client's portfolio we call this the investment elixir.

Once the total return goal, or investment elixir, is determined we proceed to construct a portfolio. The underlying foundation of our portfolio construction is asset protection while seeking growth. A robust debate has been taking place concerning the usefulness of contemporary investment and economic approaches. Moreover, the overwhelming majority of financial advisors do not have an advanced academic background in the global economic investment environment. It is our belief that Modern Portfolio Theory and traditional asset allocation failed to protect individual investors during the financial crisis. The approach we take is called the Diversification Protection Strategy (DPS). The DPS consists of a client specific application of enhanced and alternative asset allocation models in line with Post-Modern Portfolio Theory, with an emphasis on asset protection strategies. The client specific DPS is implemented, monitored and adjusted over time as circumstances change.

Why is a Sand Dollar our Symbol? Found on the Pacific Ocean beaches, the sand dollar is considered the 'wealth' of the ocean.

Our Pacific Ocean was named by the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan. During his explorations he considered the Pacific to be calm, peaceful and passive, compared to the sometimes turbulent and stormy Atlantic.

We introduce stability to our clients' investments to help protect against turbulent and 'stormy' market behavior. Our approach is asset protection while seeking growth.

Our Process, Your Plan, Your Protected Future

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No strategy can guarantee a profit or guarantee protection against a loss.

We also have a physician specific approach – click here for our Sand Dollar MD Planning.